Thursday, 9 February 2012

Increase Business with LED Signs

Are LED signs worth the investments? Studies have shown that this signage brings in more customers. Few people read stationary signs, or signs without movement, while many will read a LED sign with movement. Most people will wonder why this is true. The answer is simple: people are attracted to changes in light levels. The human brain is stimulated by the lights. To test this theory, light a candle in a dim room. Put the candle somewhere in the peripheral of your vision. Do not make the room distraction free. Do your best not to look at the candle. The same attraction to the candle is what powers the attraction to the programmable led signs.

Too often people do not truly focus on what is happening around them. They tend not to notice signs because they are simply too distracted. People are shaken from their thoughts by the action and lights of LED signs.

The messages and offers on these signs can be changed as often as necessary; this is another huge benefit. Frequently changed messages attract new customers who may be unaware of services or products available. Business can be boosted by LED signs.

Another benefit of LED signage is that it is a green advertising option.  LED signs are a great green alternative because they can be made from recycled materials and are low energy consumers.

LED signs can save businesses money when it comes to advertising. By using the LED sign, many small businesses are able to supplement or replace other more expensive forms of advertising. The initial cost of LED signs can be intimidating. While the LED cost is higher up front, it earns higher outcomes later.

While price can be an issue, buying a sign that has limited graphics and message capabilities really isn’t a bargain. These signs do not hold people’s attention for as long as they become familiar. Signs with expanded graphics and effects options are much more stunning and have a better impact. Attention can be more easily attracted with signs that have a wider variation in effects and graphics. Changing the sign frequently keeps it novel and piques people’s curiosity. This ensures a business can constantly be presenting their messages. Quality LED signs typically can be programmed with more messages than a business will actually ever need. Changing these pre-programmed messages, sometimes multiple times a day, will get a great response. Changing the message on a programmed LED sign can take seconds. This process, once familiar, is as simple as sending a text.

Will LED signs get the result you need? If you buy a quality sign and fully understand how to use it, yes. LED signs may seem expensive at first, but they will return on the investment many times over.

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